Divorce can be really traumatic for children. Maybe you are divorced yourself or are a child of divorced parents. Maybe you have watched friends or family go through the process. Regardless, you know divorce impacts children. Divorce can sometimes be the best thing for children, because they now live in two happy homes instead of one miserable one. Even in the most ideal situations, it changes how children view the world.

Probate and family courts prohibit parents from making disparaging remarks about one another during the process and thereafter. Parents can still provide a loving ear for their children to express emotions in a supportive environment during the process without disparaging the other parent  This is important where there are multiple children, but maybe even more so in the case of an only child. When there are multiple children, they can bond in the commonality of the experience. If there is only one child, it can be even more isolating and scary.

In our office, we understand just how important your children are to you. We want to help you to best protect your children during this difficult transition.  We are parents ourselves so we understand. We specialize in working with parents who want to make this transition as easy as possible for their children.

For some great ideas on how to best help your only child during a divorce, Divorce Magazine published a great article:

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