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No Two Are Alike.

  For everyone who knows us, you know that one of us has a shoe obsession*. There is a massive love of high heels but also a strong affection for sandals, wedges, loafers, flip flops, ballet shoes and even cozy slippers. Given this obsession, you may be surprised that this is the first newsletter that […]


Yup. It’s 2020.

  2020 has been the most “2020” year ever. We have had all sorts of odd surprises, like an earthquake in Bristol County and the death of Eddie Van Halen; to the contrary, we are not really surprised by the litigation of the Presidential election results. We will take no position on the allegations, merits […]


The death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg has renewed the debate over whether a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States should be appointed close to an election. What is the appropriate window?