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Picture This.

“Picture this…Sicily…1922…” –  Sophia Petrillo, Golden Girls Fun fact: When we came up with the title of this newsletter, we were not thinking about the Golden Girls; however, as soon as the words were typed, we heard Estelle Getty’s voice and, literally, couldn’t stop laughing. Now the voice and the delivery of that infamous line […]

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Extinct Like a Dinosaur

  Every four years, the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts task force re-evaluates the child support guidelines to determine their effectiveness and what changes need to be made. Last fall, the court launched new guidelines which made the 2018 version extinct. Some of the notable changes can lead to a significant change for both the […]



Love and marriage, love and marriageGo together like a horse and carriageThis I tell you brotherYou can’t have one without the otherLove and marriage, love and marriageIt’s an institute you can’t disparageAsk the local gentryAnd they will say it’s elementaryTry, try, try to separate themIt’s an illusionTry, try, try, and you will only comeTo this […]


A Solid NO.

A Solid NO. Pretty much every time that we talk about child custody or parenting, the phrase “Best Interest of the Child” is either uttered or written. If you have been divorced within the last decade or so, you have attended a parent education class which focuses on co-parenting. We can actually tell a lot […]