2015 has been a landmark year of growth for my practice. As we end this month focused on giving thanks, I want to say  “Thank You” to some special people.

  • To my clients, past, present, and future:  Working together has been my pleasure. I hope that working together has helped you to move forward in your life in a positive way, whether it be as newly single, recently married, buying or selling your home, or protecting your assets for your family;
  • To my friends, family, and colleagues that have referred cases to me: I appreciate your trust and confidence in me;
  • To my colleagues who are opposing counsel: I enjoy a good sparing session, but especially when it is with someone who makes an argument with integrity;
  • To my colleagues who allow me to brainstorm with them: A solo practitioner without a sounding board would not be nearly as effective;
  • To my friends and colleagues in real estate (lenders, agents, everyone at my Title company,and other professionals): I am so excited to keeping building our relationship and providing amazing service to our clients;
  • To my friend, Erin Sweeney, for designing a new website for me. I can’t wait to launch it soon and for everyone to see her GORGEOUS work;
  • To the readers of this newsletter: I appreciate that you take the time to open and read what I’ve written. Your feedback is so helpful and keeps me motivated; and
  • To a good friend and colleague that I want to call out by name, but who would be mortified if I did: THANK YOU for your inspiration and support this year. From our first conversation at school to Box Seats to late phone calls and emails, your graciousness and knowledge is much appreciated.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

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