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Who should YOU vote for in 2016?

The sudden death of Antonin Scalia has renewed an important and often overlooked conversation in America about the process of replacing a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the debate over whether the current President of the United States (“POTUS”) or his successor will nominate the inheritor of Scalia’s seat has greatly overshadowed […]


From the “REALLY?” File

Not everyone feels merry or bright during the holidays.For everyone who needs a laugh and those who just like to, I offer the following article which will, hopefully, make you smile: The Strangest 50 State Laws That Still Exist. http://www.ijreview.com/2014/12/222618-50-state-laws/ My personal favorite is Georgia; what’s yours? Happy Holidays! North Attleboro Plainville Wrentham Bristol Norfolk Real […]