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If you’re like us, you love to get lost in a good book or a movie. Since quarantine started, we have certainly read a lot of books and watched a ton of movies. If you want a peek into our every day, check out these movies:

1. My Cousin Vinny: Hands down, one of the funniest movies EVER;
2. Legally Blonde: Although not totally accurate, there are some similarities to the law school experience;
3. Liar Liar: Because Jim Carey is always funny;
4. Chicago: As awesome as the movie is, the play is even better;
5. Erin Brockovich: The key to every awesome lawyer is having an equally amazing paralegal;
6. To Kill a Mockingbird: Although considered controversial now, it has been considered a time period classic;
7. A Few Good Men: It uses words like honor, code and loyalty;
8. A Civil Action: Weirdly enough, the book version was pre-requisite reading before our first year of law school and the basis of a civil procedure exam question;
9. A Marriage Story: Love, love, love this movie because of how it ends;
10. Kramer vs Kramer:  When the divorce process goes really bad;
11. 12 Angry Men: An interesting perspective of the process during which jurors come to a verdict;
11. The Accused: If you can get through the graphic three minutes, the film is an excellent depiction of a victim’s emotional journey;
12. The Lincoln Lawyer: It probably was not a coincidence that Lincoln hired Matthew McConaughey as their spokes person a few years after the movie’s release;
13. Philadelphia: We dare you not to cry at the end;
14.  Primal Fear: Probably one of the best psychological thrillers of all time;
15. Judgment at Nuremberg: Selected by the United States National Film Registry as one of the most “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” movies ever made; and
16. Brewster’s Millions: We have never seen someone include such crazy terms in a Will or Trust, but we could certainly have fun trying to spend all that money to inherit the ‘real’ fortune!

What is YOUR favorite movie?

John & Faye

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