Yes, Julian Edelman. Again.

Rumors are quickly spreading that Julian Edelman is soon going to become a father. Assuming the story is true, he will be soon paying child support.

All children are entitled to financial support from their parents regardless of whether their parents were ever married. Although different in each state, all 50 states have established guidelines regarding how to determine the amount of child support to be paid.

In Massachusetts, we apply a simple calculation to determine the appropriate amount of child support. The basic formula looks at gross income of both parties, any child support being paid for other children (from prior relationships), number of the children, age of children, cost of day care, and cost of health insurance. Once that formula is applied, the parties and the Court have discretion to adjust that number based on specific need and lifestyle.

Child support is intended to cover necessities and other expenses. From family to family, the expenses can be drastically different. Where support for one child may be limited only to basic expenses, such as food, medical, shelter, and clothing, another family may include extras, such as camp, extra circular activities, higher education, and entertainment.

More than likely, Edelman’s child support will be by private agreement. If the typical formula were applied to this case, the suggested child support would far exceed the maximum order, because of his income. More than likely, the “one pony” theory will probably be applied: there is nothing wrong with a child having can have a pony, but they do not “need” more than one.

If you have questions regarding how much you should be receiving or paying in child support, please feel free to contact this office. We would be happy to help you to determine the appropriate amount of your current or potential child support.

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