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Three Lawyers and a House

Is the title, “Three Lawyers and a House,”  the start of another lawyer joke? No, not this time. Buying a house is not usually a funny experience. To the contrary, purchasing real estate is usually quite stressful, because it is often the biggest asset and expense that people will have during their lifetime. Massachusetts General Law ch. 184, Section 17B states, in […]

Hello, Daddy!

I remember when we brought our first child home. It was a time of joy, excitement, and very little sleep. We were fortunate that my husband was able to take a week or so off from work. I remember feeling a bit envious we my husband returned to work, but only because it meant that […]

Ready or Not…..

Parents are rarely ready to receive a diagnosis that their child is differently disabled or will face unexpected life challenges. Perhaps they knew that the diagnosis was coming, but, sometimes, it’s totally unexpected; either way,  they have entered a new reality.  Suddenly, they find themselves reading everything available on the Internet and being intimidated by […]